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Creative Custom Packaging

Creative custom packaging made easy with Chromagraphics

We can provide the knowledge and technical expertise to develop with you and your team amazing custom packaging. Together we can produce product containment packaging, dimensional portfolios, promotional kits, slip cases, book set cases and many other unique packaging projects. Chromagraphics can provide a one source turnkey approach.  These services would include concept creation, engineering the working dimensions and product functionality, prototyping, providing templates for your graphic designers to lay out your artwork itself, and the actual printing and packaging production. We can also supply you with interactive 3D proofs allowing 360º rotation.

Turned edge package construction

For those projects requiring a higher end look, Chromagraphics produces turned edge packages. These entail printing flat sheets and then mounting those to binder board in such a manner that no unfinished edges are visible on the final product. Turned edge products are typically film laminated to prevent any cracking along those tight turns of the mounted sheet wrapping around the binder board edges.

Turned edge box construction with slip case and sliding portfolio insert, adorned with foil stamp and debossing embellishments and magnetic panel closure.
Turned edge box construction with slip case and stationary tray to house a 3 book set, adorned with ribbon pull book lift, scuff free film lamination and magnetic panel closure.
Turned edge box with three piece construction: base, platform and telescoping lid. Finished with scuff free film lamination.

Mounted corrugated package construction

Another popular and more budget oriented box construction method is mounting directly to various thicknesses of corrugated material. You can choose to mount your printed graphics to one or both surfaces of the corrugated material. Different gauges of fluted corrugated materials are available for you to choose from.  Some are available with a white surface on one or both sides as a small upgrade from the traditional brownish kraft paper color. This is a nice option when only mounting to one side to leave the unprinted side white and not the brown kraft color.

This award winning carton had a mounted corrugated surface finished with gloss film lamination, closed with outside tucking wings. An internal angled panel with thumbholds housed two different baseball caps.
Mounted corrugated surface with self-tucking construction finished with gloss film lamination, closed with outside tucking wings and tab closure mechanism. Box has several internal panels to transform from an outgoing box to cell phone receptacle to return mailing carton shipped back to a recycling center.
Mounted corrugated surface with slip case and tray construction. A removable shelf houses a light activated looping video screen. All surfaces are finished with a soft touch film lamination and opens with a turned ribbon pull.

Direct print onto substrate package construction

Some more budget-oriented packages can be manufactured via printing onto a thicker coated cover material without the expense of mounted corrugated or turned edge construction. These are generally smaller dimensioned finished products where the thinner wall construction still offers enough dimensional stability for the overall piece where mounting to a thicker substrate is not necessary.

Printed, diecut, folded and glued kit with built-in well to house various printed material and closed with a tab and slit. With USPS approved shrinkwrap around this kit it mailed out as is without an outer mailing carton.
Printed, diecut, folded and glued hexagonal base with telescoping hexagonal lid. Hexagonal base has 3 triangular platforms and 3 hinged compartments opening with turned ribbon pulls which houses promotional product. All surfaces finished with soft touch film lamination and has a sculptured emboss and foil stamp embellishments.
This best of show award winning kit was printed, diecut, folded and glued with built-in well to house a wire-o-bind book and various printed materials closing with a dimensional hinged lid. This kit was also adorned with a ribbon pull material lift and a registered deboss embellishment on the front cover.

Closures and other packaging special effects

There are numerous available closure methods you can choose from including magnets, tabs and slots, velcro, mechanical latches, buttons and many others depending on the box type and of course your budget.

We can help you navigate through the various box styles, available materials, coatings, film laminating and embellishments. Such embellishments could include UV coatings, foil stamping, debossing, diecutting and many other special effects for your package design. What can look like a confusing and technically difficult project for you to tackle can be made easy with our help, expertise and guidance from project conception all the way through production and kitting/fulfillment.