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Variable Digital Foil

Affordable foil stamping with variability too? Check it out!

Chromagraphics now offers an innovative digital foil workflow to apply foil stamping on your digitally produced projects. What was previously cost prohibitive on small print runs is now affordable with numerous foil types available in your color and style palette to choose from. You can now incorporate into your designs metallic foils, clear foils, overall matte and gloss finishes, holographic impressions and other cool special effect foils. These can be applied in a spot, flood and even variable manner. You now have an inexpensive, affordable special effect which can highlight your designs and reach that next level of WOW! We can even print back on top of the digital foil to create previously unattainable new designs.

With conventional production methods, you would need a larger print run to cost justify working this kind of special effect into your printing pieces. With our new digital foil process, you can now print minimal quantities using foil and film laminating. This is ideal for shorter print runs including business cards, greeting cards, corporate collateral, high end donor packages, certificates, packaging and any other project where you would typically be digitally printing to begin with or would foil stamp, spot UV coat or film laminate.

The different types of digital foil would include: variable digital foil, spot digital foil, full page film laminating and holographic film laminating.

We are most excited about the variable digital foil option. With our expertise in variable content printing we can help you design eye-catching and impact generating results. Projects that can benefit from variable digital foil would be brochures, wedding and other event invitation packages, high end donor packages for fundraising, security featured design elements (ticket numbers), greeting cards and many others. Variable digital foil is cost effective for prints runs that are small, medium and large as there aren’t other production methods that can emulate this process for larger runs.

Spot digital foil allows for affordable special effects without the cost for expensive dies, setups, spoilage that is needed for conventional foil stamping and spot UV coating. If you want to enhance a design element on your printing project we can simply apply a spot foil which previously would have to be foil stamped or applied with a UV spot application. That is now eliminated with a less expensive process, allowing smaller runs with these special effects to be feasible. Spot digital foil is perfect to highlight your corporate logo, important copy you want emphasized, or just an overall design element enhancement. Ideal applications would be business cards, brochures, invitations, corporate collateral, packaging and many others.

Full page film laminating is similar to traditional film laminating. However, with this process it becomes more affordable on smaller print runs. There are many film finishes to choose from. Gloss, matte, soft touch and many different holographic impressions can be used to create a beautiful surface on top of your printing piece while also providing protection yielding a longer shelf and usage life. We can then also print on top of some of these special films as well.

Holographic film laminating can really add that WOW factor to your designs. Holographic effects such as sparkle, crystal and others can visually enhance your piece and grab someone’s attention. You can use these effects in an overall coating or to highlight a certain focal element in a spot application.

With our new digital foil workflow process, you can create visually stunning pieces that will generate a real impact. This method emulates the eye-catching WOW factor of expensive traditional production processes at a fraction of the cost.

If you would like to receive some samples of these amazing new special effects, please contact us.