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Our digital envelope printer produces stunning bleeds and variable content on your printed envelopes.

Watch the Formax Colormax 7 in Action!

Envelope WOW with impact! Bleed your full artwork while printing directly over flaps and seams.

What was previously impossible is now available with the addition of our digital envelope printer. This will allow designers to fully expand their creative content to the entire envelope surface. This would include both sides of the envelope and completely print over the back flap and any side or diagonal seams with perfect image alignment!

#6 3/4 return envelope (3.625"x6.5" with full bleeds both sides with small type and graphics overprinting the back flap and seams with perfect alignment
6"x9" booklet envelope with full bleed wraparound of a solid color
A7 sized envelope (5.5"x7.25") with full bleed wraparound image of a unique museum building pattern

While we’re printing one or both sides of your envelope in black or four-color process, we can also print any variable copy in black or four-color process. Whether it’s an address block, a teaser, variable logos or maps, sequence numbers, all of that variable content is printed at the same time as the envelope itself.

Both Envelopes Actual Size: Standard #10
Backside of a 9 x 12 booklet envelope printing over seams

Designs that call for light screens or gradated images when imprinted on a Jet press or small lithographic press can be problematic.   Printing over where the seams on the backside of the envelope are located, could result with an unsightly seam line on the faceside. This was caused by the flat surface of the printing blanket being squeezed by the different thicknesses of the envelope around the seams that hold it together. On our digital envelope printer, there won’t be any seam lines at all since it images straight down onto the stock with no causality of the different thicknesses beneath the surface.

Our digital printer can run mill stocked envelopes ranging in size from a 3 x 4.25 up to a 9.5 x 17. This allows us to bleed our images up to 8.5” north and south while bleeding the full width west to east. Chromagraphics can handle quick turnarounds for you as well! We can print 7,500 #10 envelopes an hour or 3,500 9 x 12 envelopes an hour.

A7 Announcement envelope actual size: 5.25" x 7.25"

This is one of those instances where you have to see it to believe it, because this just wasn’t possible in the past. If you would like to see a sample of this, please request that by contacting us. Or better yet, if you would like to see this on one of your own projects, simply upload the files here and fill out the form and we’ll send you a live envelope press proof at no cost.  This will allow you to see for yourself how this new manufacturing method could work on your upcoming projects.