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Kitting and Fulfillment

Kitting and Fulfillment

We produce simple kitting and fulfillment jobs from weekly and monthly welcome packages for organizations to very large nationally distributed complex kits. Having in-house collators and gathering machines allows us to efficiently assemble packages that have diverse individual component specs. The same package can contain several single leaf letters, along with thick books, different size brochures and inserts as well as lumpy premium pieces all packaged together. If a component cannot be machine gathered we can supplement that process with handwork. We typically would use Tyvek envelopes, padded mailers, standard cartons or customized packaging to ship these out.  Distribution is handled via USPS (including Bound Printed Matter or Parcels), UPS Innovations, Fedex or UPS and International Freight forwarders for international recipients.

This 4-way match award winning package was a custom pocket folder inserted with 5 components and wrapped closed with a belly band. Then the kit was placed into a custom booklet envelope with a mailing label and sent out USPS with live postage.
This Grand Q award winning package contains a wire-o-bind book and a custom package printed on a metallic silver stock and was filled with posters and various flash card sets as part of an educational game/experience sent out in batches to various schools and educational outlets.
This monthly batched Web to Print program contained customized cards and letters that were fulfilled into a static custom carton, wrapped with USPS approved shrinkwrap and with a custom label was sent through USPS to various police departments nationwide.
This 15 piece package was machine collated and then inserted before mailing USPS to schools nationwide.
This kit contained six static components that we produced, gathered and assembled into shipping cartons along with supplied product and batteries and shipped out to promote additional science curriculums to schools nationwide via UPS ground and an international freight forwarder for foreign recipients.


Chromagraphics has been instrumental in some of the most successful Web to Print programs in the country. Some of these programs entail backend fulfillment of customized printed pieces while others are for straight static fulfillment or customized pick and pack orders. We offer front-end portals that range from simple off the shelf types to some of the most sophisticated customized front-end web portals available today based on some very complex business rules that some of our clients demand.