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Larger Size Digital Printing

First Installation of the Largest Digital Press in the World with Matte Toner to boot!


Chromagraphics was very proud to have been chosen by Xerox to be the first installation in the world of the largest digital press in the world. Imagine what new worlds you can discover by having all of this additional space!

Having the world’s largest digital press with a sheet size of 14.33″ x 26″ opens possibilities that weren’t previously available. Printing projects no longer need to conform to the status quo of previous digital press constraints. Although not all jobs need this new huge size, it does allow us to run more pieces up on a sheet.   This results in quicker turnarounds and less expensive production costs on longer digital press run projects. Utilizing the latest software on the presses also means previously problematic screens and gradations are no longer potential quality issues…the quality of the output is truly game-changing. If you would like to see some recent samples, please click here.

Size Difference

Our first digital press the Xerox® Igen 3, when it was introduced several years ago was the largest digital press available at the time.

The new Xerox® Igen 4 EXP has an astounding 26″ width, and when introduced, was the largest digital press in the world.


Having this immense digital print canvas to work with, there are new larger formats within your capabilities which were previously unavailable.


Size may matter to fit larger size projects onto our large digital print canvas, but by using matte toner, your digitally printed piece will look more like conventional printing than any other digital press. Most digital presses on the market use a gloss toner. This will give your end product that tell tail visual sheen when held up to the light. With matte toner, you won’t see that sheen associated with digital printing.  Our digitally printed piece will resemble a conventionally printed lithographic process job.

When we first purchased our larger Igen press, we had it loaded with matte toner and had gloss toner loaded into our other Igen. Once our clients saw the difference between the two toners, we stopped offering gloss toner by our client’s demand and only offer matte toner. The quality of the matte toner is unmatched and seeing is believing. If you would like free samples sent to you showing the difference between gloss and matte toner, please click here.

Since we switched over to matte toner we have won multiple best of show and numerous best of category digital print awards.  To see some of those click here.