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PUR Glue Perfect Binding

High end PUR glue perfect binding

Chromagraphics recently installed a new high tech perfect binder, the Horizon BQ 470 with PUR glue. To begin the production process, all specifications are entered into the machine’s computer and within a few minutes the machine is up and running, with virtually no makeready required. This book binder starts off by putting 4 letterpress quality scores on the cover to create a beautiful hinged spine. After precision grinding down the book block, the PUR glue is applied.

The type of PUR glue we use in our machine is the strongest and most flexible glue available and dries to a totally clear color, not the dingy whitish, yellowish color of common EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) glues, producing a much more aesthetically pleasing product. The PUR glue is also eco-friendly and lays flatter than the traditional EVA based glues. Less PUR is required than EVA glues, and even with that lesser amount put onto the spine of the book, it is much stronger and allows for thinner books to be bound and still maintain a square spine.

Our perfect binder can bind books thinner than .05” and as thick as 2.5”. It can produce books at the smaller end of the scale at 5.71” x 4.14” all the way up to 12.59” x 12.59”. The accuracy throughout the production process on this binder is amazing, even allowing us to center copy on an .125” thick spine with ease.

We’ve also been using the machine to bind case bound books. We can sandwich endsheets around the text book block and bind that unit, then it’s just attaching that unit to the outer case. It’s a fast and economical way to produce case bound books and all made possible with the strength our PUR glue.

We can also bind books that have tabs that protrude beyond the face trim with a scored, foldout set of tabs. There is an award-winning book we just produced, that has various page sections throughout it which stop short of the full height of the book. This created different thickness along the head of the book. It was a challenge that we took on and executed perfectly (pun intended!) on our perfect binder.

We recently produced a promotional package and included a small .75” wide strip of a perfect bound book. This strip served as a strength test to see if it can be pulled apart. If you’re up to the challenge, we’ll send you a strip to see if you’re able to pull it apart. This PUR glue is very strong and this puts that claim to the test. You can request this sample sent to at no cost by contacting us.