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Prepress Services

Conventional Printing Prepress Services

Chromagraphics began as a prepress house and that expertise with color and prepress technology had carried over when we entered into the printing business over 25 years ago. Through the entire evolution of desktop publishing until today we have stayed at the forefront of prepress prowess in the region. We accept the widest range of files from clients in the area. Chromagraphics has the expertise, hardware and software to easily process MAC and PC initiated application files and also has an automated pdf workflow. It is important for us to stay up to date with all of the latest software on both platforms and carry the expertise to troubleshoot and correct your submitted files within all of them. For our conventionally printing projects we offer fingerprinted contract proofs for color approvals as well as low-resolution digital dyluxes to check for proper imposition, panel sizes, backups and folding.

Digital Prepress Services

As digital printing has overlapped within our prepress area, we have become experts in complex variable content printing.   We can offer our expertise to you so you’ll get the most bang for your buck with your next variable content printing job. It’s fairly easy to setup even for very complex variable digital content. The most important first step is to make sure your data file is consistent with its structure and integrity. You also want to make sure your data file has column headers.  Those column header names should be carried over and consistently named within your InDesign document where the variable content will be dynamically imported. Finally, on more complex variable content projects that have several or many versions of copy, graphics or content those differences are setup in different layers.   To complete the loop, those layer names should be contained in a column within your data file. If those simple steps are followed you can create the most complex variable printing job that your mind can imagine. It’s really a piece of cake!

Click here for more information about the different types of variable content printing.

Are You Ready for Some Lightning Fast Uploads?

Chromagraphics recently installed a new lightning fast Sharefile upload site. It’s linked in here through our website, so no need for special FTP software and all of those confusing settings. Just fill in a couple of form fills, no passwords or usernames needed and drag your files onto the icon and poof, they’re gone and over to us in a flash!

Click here to our Sharefile upload area.