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PURLs and QR Codes

PURL and QR code-driven cross media marketing campaigns

With our expertise in variable content printing it was a natural progression to move into PURL driven cross media marketing campaigns.    Cross media marketing campaigns offer an easy approach for recipients to sign up for offers or register for events.  For your clients it offers an even easier way to collect their data on the backend.  Having clicked through to their PURL you would get more valuable qualified leads in addition to collecting data for the specific campaign.  Based on the amount of information of the recipient’s response on their PURL page, you can actually quantify different levels of interest.  For example, instead of just a yes or no response you can now evaluate other levels of interest that can be explored further.  Once they get to their PURL page, you know who they are and they had enough interest to click through.  Whether the recipient fills out the survey fully, partially or not at all, they still showed some level of interest that you can followup and act upon.

Also, having collected this data, it sets up the platform for future direct mail and/or e-marketing efforts.

Here are some examples of cross media marketing campaigns we produced for various trade associations, educational institutions and corporations. In these examples, the recipients would need to type in the PURL into their computers.
Here are some other examples of cross media marketing campaigns that used both PURL strings and personalized QR codes to link to the PURL site. QR codes can also be branded with company logos, or campaign specific graphics and print in 4CP.

QR Codes connect print to mobile media

QR codes can also be static and serve as a mobile marketing launchpad.

Mobile marketing is changing the way consumer marketing occurs. Instead of a campaign-based approach, it creates a dialogue where consumers are willing to share information and companies are able to make use of that information in a more valuable way.

Mobile marketing has the ability to send the right message to the right person at the right time and so trigger a better response rate.

What makes mobile marketing with QR codes different is that it is permission-based. Unlike other forms of mass marketing, consumers need to give their permission before being marketed to. It is also targeted and live. Responses can be processed to give real-time visibility of reaction to specific offers.

Mobile marketing is two-way. Using mobile devices, consumers can not only respond to offers but also request specific types of information or interest (for example, offers related to a brand or a category) as well as sharing information with their peers.

It is also considered a more trusted channel than email. Very strict rules have regulated marketing to mobile phones. As a result, unsolicited communication (spam) is not a problem in the same way that it is for email.

Getting started with QR Codes is Easy

Just download a reader software for you mobile device or tablet and start exploring. With QR Codes you can customize your printed piece to make information quickly available to all of your clients using mobile technology. Probably the coolest thing about QR codes is that your mobile phone or tablet will know just what to do with the information.

To download a reader just click on one of the links below:

KAYWA Reader

i-nigma Reader








Even after decades of battling Washington DC traffic we all can still get lost. By scanning an address into your phone, you can quickly enable GPS directions to guide you right to where you want to go.

Your New Business Card

Business cards are so 2010. With QR codes you can have your digital vCard information stored directly into your customers mobile device and ready to contact you for that next order.