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Signage and Displays

Point of Purchase (POP) displays, easels and bellybands

Point of Purchase (POP) displays

POP Display or Point-of-Purchase is marketing material placed near the merchandise it is promoting. It is a simple, inexpensive, yet effective solution that boosts the appearance and appeal of your products and draws customer’s attention to it, which is important in a retail setting that could be jam packed with the same type of product.  These custom printed POP displays can be for the checkout area, product shelving area, self-standing display inserts, ceiling hangers, shelf danglers, floor decals and so many more specific applications.  Contact us for additional ideas and samples that can help you decide which method may be best to promote your product or service.

Custom printed easel backs

Custom printed easel backs allow you to promote your services and products on display tables and or counter tops for easy visibility by prospects and clients. These custom printed easel backs are popular at trade shows, seminars and other events. Custom POP easels can be printed in full color on virtually any stock you select.  To elevate the impact, you can finish your custom printed easel with a gloss, satin or soft touch film laminate or a wide variety of specialty coatings and finishes in a flood or spot application.

These easel backs can also be the perfect place to include a call to action for guests to follow you on Twitter or Facebook for discounts and other information. Smartphone users may even “Like” your site and invite new prospects to join in on their mobile device for text messaged promotion specials and other opt in messaging.

Easel backed POP display with interactive slot for customer interaction
Easel backed POP display with interactive clock for customer interaction
Poster mounted onto chipboard and easel back

Custom Printed Table Tents

A custom printed table tent is a convenient, self-standing promotional unit created from printed and folded cardstock. As the name implies, table tents are designed to be placed on tables, as well as counters, desks, or any other horizontal surface that gets traffic of potential viewers.   Strategically placed table tents are great for marketing new products and new promotions or any other special company message.

Some smart marketers are using table tents as part of their multi-channel print and marketing strategy via social and mobile tie-ins.

Your table tent can be the perfect place to include a call to action for guests to follow you on Twitter or Facebook for discounts and other information. Smartphone users may even “Like” your site and invite new prospects to join in on their mobile device for text messaged promotion specials and other opt in messaging.

Diecut slits allow table tent to be shipped out flat and easily popped up
Unique shaped table tent
This award winning self-promotional holiday package had a unique table tent layout to look like a vintage match book

Belly bands

Belly bands are a unique way to package your product or printed material. They can vary in width, paper type and weight, shape and texture. There are several different ways that belly bands can be sealed around your project.  Some simple methods would be using tape, double sided tape, adhesive seals, label and wafer seals. Other sealing methods could involve diecutting latches and slits/slots to create interlocking parts. Premium sealing methods could involve velcro, embedded magnets, snapping buttons and other mechanical latches.

Belly bands, also referred to as book bands, jacket bands, and publisher’s bands are also used in publications to protect books, magazines and printed collections. They can be used to secure the contents of presentation folders and group together collections of printed materials.

Adding a belly band can be a fairly inexpensive way to accentuate invitation packages by adding that special touch.

Belly bands can be used to wrap around actual product packaging
Belly band to be wrapped around a publication
Bellyband wrapping around an award winning direct mail campaign

Custom printed signage and banners

Custom printed signage and banners are a terrific way to convey your message to a large audience.  You can promote new products and services, introduce your brand to a new group, offer discounts and special promotions and many other strategic initiatives.  As with other mass marketing vehicles, tie ins with social and mobile marketing on custom printed signage and banners can be an integral part of your multi-channel print and marketing strategy.

Indoor printed signage and banners

We can image on a variety of stocks and substrates and then mount onto a foam core or gator board backer.  We can print these indoor signs and banners up to 38” wide by however long the backer material is available in.

Indoor or Outdoor printed signage and banners

We can also plot your sign and banner designs onto a wide variety of substrates.  For both indoor or outdoor use, as long as the substrate is less than 2” thick, we can print onto wood, vinyl, glass, plexiglass, plastic, coraplast, styrene, corrugated plastics, corrugated paper, foamcore, sentra, tile, cloth, metal, stone, cement, and marble.  Your design can print in black and white or with vibrant UV full color text and graphics.  The other dimensions to stay within are up to 96 inches wide and 25 feet long.

Our typical custom printed signage and banners would include large signs, small signs, indoor signs, outdoor signs, real estate signs, political signs, campaign signs, trade show signs, directional signs, emergency signs, grand opening signs, display signs, announcement signs, holiday signs, wedding signs, safety signs, athletic signs, yard signs, sales signs, promotional signs, product signs, ad signs, business signs, retail signs, celebration signs, attention-getting signs, warning signs, property signs, street signs, government signs, and so on.

Both of these signs are printed on 30pt white poly. The right sign has a reflective metallic film mounted onto the poly so in areas where there is not printing the sign reflects light as would a traffic sign with light hitting on it.

Custom printed retractable banners

Our custom printed retractable banners are low cost, ready to use when delivered to you.  The banners are produced with everything needed to setup and display within seconds.  These retractable banners include the graphics printed one side or both sides on a smooth or textured vinyl, an aluminum base, stability pole and a convenient carrying case.  You would setup the art for these banners in the same manner as you would any printed document.  We would need .125” bleed on each side edge plus a top and bottom bleed allowance where the banner won’t be exposed for viewing.  Those additional bleeds would be .5″ at the top and 6″ at the bottom.

As far as the best resolution for viewing, if your retractable banner or sign would be viewed at less than two feet away, we would recommend 300dpi at final size.  If your banner or sign would be viewed at more than two feet away, we would recommend 150dpi at final size.  This lower resolution and resulting smaller file size will be more than sufficient for banners viewed beyond two feet and keep the file size more manageable on your side and ours.