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Specialty Coatings

Specialty Coatings… This Time with Feeling!

Over the past few years, innovations in specialty coatings have been developed which can give designers tangible, tactile properties to their printing projects. Adding depth, dimensionality and texture will transform the viewing experience by appealing to multiple senses. You can raise images and text off the page or give the illusion of multiple layers through liquid embossing or raised spot UV coatings. You can add a rich velvety feel to your pieces through a flood soft touch aqueous coating. You can add dramatic visual and tactile impact with a spot raised UV glitter application. There are numerous new effects now available and we recently produced a promo piece which uses many of these special coatings. If you would like to see this piece or other specific coating samples, you can request a sample here.

Add Depth with Specialty Coatings

Here’s a sample of a beautiful design on its own with no coatings applied.

Raised Coating

You can now see how the design is enhanced by a clear raised UV application. Being translucent, the beauty of the original design still comes through with the added visual and tactile effect of the UV raised coating.

Coating and UV Adds Sparkle

Sparkles can be added into the UV coating to increase the dramatic visual effect by enhancing part of the design underneath or creating entirely new graphic elements. Unlike other glitter applications, these flakes are totally embedded and won’t rub off.