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Specialty Coatings

Specialty Coatings…This Time with Feeling!

Aqueous coatings

Aqueous coatings are a clear, fast drying water-based coating that can be applied on certain printing presses.  The coating provides a surface that deters dirt and fingerprints. They also allow the printed sheet to be processed further almost immediately;  no need to wait for the inks to dry.  At Chromagraphics, our presses have the ability to apply these coatings in a variety of finishes; gloss, dull, satin and soft touch.

This award winning brochure has a double hit of soft touch aqueous which leaves the surface with a velvety soft feel to it.
This award winning iron cross brochure was finished with a flood satin aqueous coating which softens the look to a dull/satin while allowing us to print on a gloss sheet which yields a slightly sharper reproduction.

UV coatings

Recently, innovations in specialty coatings have been developed which can give designers tangible, tactile properties to their printing projects. Adding depth, dimensionality and texture will transform the viewing experience by appealing to multiple senses. You can raise images and text off the page or give the illusion of multiple layers through liquid embossing or raised spot UV coatings. Specialty coatings can add a rich velvety feel to your pieces through a flood soft touch aqueous coating. You can include dramatic visual and tactile impact with a spot raised UV glitter application.

Here’s a sample of a beautiful design on its own with no coatings applied.

You can now see how the design is enhanced by a clear raised UV application. Being translucent, the beauty of the original design still comes through with the added visual and tactile effect of the UV raised coating.
Sparkles can be added into the UV coating to increase the dramatic visual effect by enhancing part of the design underneath or creating entirely new graphic elements. Unlike other glitter applications, these flakes are totally embedded and won’t rub off.
This award winning booklet has a spot glitter UV coating applied over a satin aqueous coating. The words hope and some star shapes are the spot glitter areas.
This digitally printed holiday card has a large area of glitter UV applied. (the snow and snowman)
This booklet has a spot gloss UV coating applied over a satin aqueous coating. The word GEICO and the photo collage have the spot gloss effect applied.

There are numerous new effects now available and we recently produced a promo piece which uses many of these special coatings.  This cool poster has the following five spot UV effects all on it: gloss, dull, raised gloss, textured and glitter.   If you would like to see this piece or other specific coating samples, you can request a free sample here.